Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Electric Athletic Club?

We are a social-meets-fitness club. Our members include individuals with athletic prowess who are concurrently industry thought-leaders and visionaries from the fields of fitness, health, media, music, entertainment, and tech.

The group meets regularly for custom-designed training sessions. The group’s training program includes speed workouts on the track, circuit training workouts, and cross training sessions at fitness studios (cycling and yoga, etc.). We partner with a local retail locations on a monthly basis which serve as our “home base” for our workouts. Following each run, there is a “No Shower Happy Hour” for all members, allowing them to socialize and enjoy a few well-deserved beverages amongst their sweat-laden compatriots. Membership in the group also comes with a number of other benefits and perks including special events, product & event discounts, and fitness product demos.

When and where do we meet?

Electric Athletic Club has now spans from coast to coast. The group meets with the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, 7pm // Los Angeles, San Diego
  • Wednesday, 7pm // Los Angeles, SF, Chicago, NYC, Boston
  • Thursday, 7pm // Los Angeles

We meet each evening at 6:30pm and the workout lasts until approximately 8:00pm followed by a No Shower Happy Hour at the bar of the month.

Our meeting location changes every month and our training programs change every week and vary at each location within the week.

What's the deal with the EAC training program?

We take a unique approach to fitness, focusing on a balance between road runs and cross-training. Our goal is to build balanced, well-rounded athletes. Each month, the training program consists of:

  • Two road runs (3.5 and 5 mile options)
  • One speed workout
  • One circuit training workout
  • One Sunday Funday studio-based workout

Our goal is to train you to be an all-around athlete, not just a runner.

How do I join the Crew?

Electric Athletic Club is only as strong as its members. We are built on the foundation of good people coming together for collective health and collaborative innovation. As such, we’re constantly searching for incredible people to join us. If you’re interested in joining our rapidly growing group of young thought-leaders, we’d love to connect.  Follow this link to sign up for our weekly emails with all the information you’ll need for each week’s workout.